Where we’ve been. Where we are. Where we’re going.

Where We’ve Been

South Carolina.  Washington.  South Carolina.  All within 2 years.


You can read all about our journey on my first blog.  We lived in my hometown in the Upstate of SC for the first 6 years of our marriage.  In the summer of 2011 we packed up and moved across the country to the beautiful Northwest.  Derek did an internship at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA.  Our year in Seattle was the best year of our lives thus far.  I could leave you sitting at your computer for hours reading all about our time in Seattle but I’ll spare you.  {If you do have a ton of free time and want to read all about our year in Seattle you can do so on my previous blog.}

The internship came to a close and we had to make a decision.  Stay in WA or move back to SC?  We chose option 2.

Where We Are

When we decided to move back east we thought that was what we wanted.  We  had plans.  We knew what it would look like.  We knew we were coming back very different people yet we inevitably believed we’d pick up where we left off.  Our friendships would be exactly the same, a good job would open right away, and before we knew it we’d be living in a 3 bedroom home complete with a figurative white picket fence.  Leaving Seattle proved harder than we anticipated.  Initially making our decision to move back brought excitement and anticipation.  The closer the moving date got the less excitement we felt.  Seattle had become home.  Our decision was made.  The sadness would wear off shortly after landing on Southern soil.  It didn’t.  Two weeks later we missed Seattle & Mars Hill more and more each day.  Fast forward 6 months {present day}:  we’re still living at my parents house.  Still missing Seattle.  Derek finally began a job but we know it’s not a long term career, nor does he desire it to be, but for now it’s a job.  We are grateful for any and all provision!  We’re certainly not where we had hoped to be at this point.  We’re in limbo, so to speak, but trying to figure out how not to live in limbo.

Where We’re Going

We have desires, dreams, and even a sense of calling yet we don’t know how to get there.  There have been times of hope but something happens, or doesn’t, and it all crumbles leaving us back at square one.  I wish I could answer the “what’s next?” question.  I wish I could write you a whole paragraph on the topic of where we’re going.  I can’t.  Goodness!  I wish I could even write one sentence.  Truth is, we simply don’t know.  I say we “simply” don’t know but there’s nothing simple about it.  It’s chaotic and complicated.  It’s downright frustrating and exhausting.  So where are we going?  I can’t tell you.  I know that while it feels as though we’re going nowhere, we’re going somewhere.  I also know I can plan, I can lay out course options, but it is the Lord’s plan that will stand.  {Proverbs 19:21}


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