My Saturday with Connor

I braved the harsh South Carolina winter to take Connor to his first soccer evaluation.  He was suppose to go last weekend.  I was out of town so Derek was on “soccer duty”.  Anything in the area of sports in our family is a Dad thing anyways so I was happy that Derek would be the one to do it with him.  The day before Derek took him shopping for new tennis shoes {his are lost somewhere in storage}.  Connor was so excited about starting soccer and picking out new shoes.  It was all quite cute.  Derek sent me a picture of Connor’s pick.


Wouldn’t have been my first choice.  {Actually, wouldn’t have been a choice at all!} But when Connor called and said he picked out some new shoes and he was so excited about these “colorful shoes”, I simply couldn’t refuse.  So he was all ready.  But soccer evaluations got rained out.  Apparently it rained all weekend so the fields were just too wet.  Evaluations were postponed a week.  Unfortunately Derek had to work so it was my job to take him.  The forecast was cold.  Cloudy, chance of snow/sleet, freezing cold.  We bundled up and went. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t keep checking my inbox hoping for another postponement.

We are hardcore first year soccer people because we stood out there for almost 2 hours.  {Or maybe that’s just what you do regardless.}  We experienced all the winter weather they had forecasted.  Cold rain, sleet, and…did I mention it was cold?  My hands were numb by the end of it all.  I was a wuss but Connor didn’t complain.  Not once.  He went through his drills like a pro!   {Okay, slight exaggeration.  He’s not quite to pro level.}  He and I attributed it to his super cool neon shoes.


My apologies for the poor picture quality.  The iPhone does fairly well but at the time I was just doing my best to get some pictures for Derek.  Spot the neon and you’ve found Connor!

After soccer we needed to get lunch.  We made it a date.  We ate at Chick-fil-A and even sat at a high top table.  {This is a big deal for Connor!  He always wants to sit there but we usually have Graham with us.  If you know Graham then you know it would be unwise…}  He isn’t always real chatty but he was yesterday.  I found out that he wants to be a “really good golfer” when he grows up.  And we debated over whether or not McDonald’s was a good place to eat.  We agreed to disagree.  Lunch ended when a waffle fry got stick in his mayonnaise.   {Yea…mayonnaise.  Another thing we have agreed to disagree on.}  He didn’t want to get his fingers dirty to get it out so he said he was done.  He makes me smile.  He can go all afternoon with peanut butter spread across each cheek, but a little mayonnaise on the tips of his fingers is just too much.

So grateful for that kid.  Proud to be his momma.



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