Night Shift

We moved back to South Carolina 6 months ago.  As I alluded to in previous posts, our time here has not gone at all as we had ever hoped or planned.  These months have been our toughest yet but we know that God is faithful, good, and true.  We’re learning so much.  Probably much more than we realize at this point.  We have been faced with disappointments every where we turn.

Tonight begins one such disappointment.

Derek had a difficult time finding a job when we moved at the end of August.  A friend of ours helped him get a job with BMW Manufacturing  through a temp agency.  {Fun Fact:  the only BMW Manufacturing plant in the US is in SC.}  Admitingly it wasn’t his first pick and it’s certainly not what he envisions himself doing for years and years but it’s a job.  It provides some income for our family and affordable {relatively speaking} health insurance for our family, which has proven to be a needed blessing for us this past month.  He had the choice:  day shift or night shift.  This was a no-brainer for us.  Day shift!  His schedule has been consistently inconsistent.  Meaning he works the same schedule but it’s different each week.  He’s on a 3-week rotation.  I’d explain it but it’d only confuse you more.  Anyways…he was informed about a week and a half ago he was being transferred the night shift.  UGH.  Technically he had a choice:  night shift or no shift.  We had no choice but to choose night.  This was not pleasant news.  Same 3-week rotation only 10 hour night shifts rather than day.  He leaves the house right before the boy’s bedtime and will get back about the time they wake up.  As this day approached and is here I’ve had several thoughts.

  1. This sucks.
  2. How is he going to stay awake?
  3. The slight raise that comes with night shift will be helpful.
  4. We’ll have afternoons & dinner together as a family.
  5. But we lose our time just Derek & I in the evenings.
  6. Date night will be much sweeter and appreciated.
  7. I sure hope this is temporary!
  8. Again…how is he going to stay awake?!?!
  9. I’m thankful he received a transfer rather than a pink slip.
  10. I’m really going to miss cuddling with my hubby before I fall asleep.

I could list more thoughts but I’ll leave it at 10.  One for each hour he will work tonight.  But now as I listen to Graham fighting sleep {he’s a little night owl} I’m missing Derek even more.  He has always done night duty with the boys.  Night shift is definitely going to require lots of adjusting for all of us.

Please pray for Derek as he starts this new shift and tries to adjust to his new schedule!


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