Glimpse of Spring



Saturday was sunny and warm!  Our little family of four took advantage of the sun and 65 degree weather.  A visit to a local park was a must!




The boys did it all.  Raced down the slides, hung from the monkey bars, and played tag.

It was much like the perfect date, April 25th, “not to hot, not too cold, all you need[ed] was a light jacket.”  {Miss Congeniality, anyone??}  Since the weather was just right we weren’t hot but the sun was out so ice cream was necessary.  There is a cute little ice cream shop right in the middle of town.  We had never been so we decided to try it out.  We were not disappointed!




Connor was the first to finish his ice cream cone.  He patiently waited on the rest of us to finish.  “Can we go now?!”  he asked with a bit of annoyance.  “No.  We are going to wait for the rest of the family.” I explained.  Mocking to perfection he repeated, “No.  We’re going to wait for the rest of the family please.”  I informed him that mocking was unkind and impolite.  With all sincerity he protested, “But I said please!”  Apparently if you tack on manners to disrespect the disrespect is not longer disrespectful.

After Graham finally finished his ice cream and we had wiped the last little drop off the tip of his nose, we were able to leave.  “That was really good ice cream!”  he exclaimed.  “Now I have lots and lots of sugar!”  Oh yes.  Lots and lots of sugar.


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