First Game


He slowly entered our room this morning after waking up. I couldn’t quite tell from his facial expression which side of the bed my oldest child had woken up on.  Ready for your game?! His eyes immediately widen, a toothless smile spread across his cheeks, and his skinny little arms sprang into the air, Yes!  The real soccer practice!  

I unfolded his jersey and discovered a laundry mishap.  The person in charge of the laundry, none others than yours truly, had neglected to take off his sticker name tag prior to washing his jersey after his last practice.  Left in it’s place was a rectangle of leftover adhesive.  If you looked close you could read his name.  I explained it to Connor, knowing he would notice anyways, and we brushed it off deciding we would figure out its removal later.  He excitedly put on his jersey and soccer shorts, that are only slightly too big.  He pulled up his socks and put on his super cool bright shoes.  These shoes were not my purchase but he is crazy about them.  After today’s game though we wonder if we would be nice parents to purchase the child a pair of cleats.

C was very excited about his first game.  And if I may please have the freedom to be a completely honest mother here, it was obvious it was indeed his first.  Let me reiterate that he was very excited about his game.  C tends to have a difficult time focusing sometimes anyways, add all the excitement and it was quite hysterical.


He had a great time and was sure to make sure I documented the entire event by looking our way instead of following his team.  After some coaxing he’d catch up with the rest of his team and head toward the appropriate goal.  He’s not a soccer star, at least not as of yet but he had an absolute blast.

I gave him two rules in the car before his game:  1.  Pay attention and obey his coach. {okay, so maybe that rule was a 2-in-1 rule}   2.  Have fun!  He followed both.


He’s #4, that is if you can’t spot his shoes.  We so enjoyed watching him play.  I overheard some of the boys talk on the sidelines.  One of his teammates told the others that he was “good at soccer because he played for the YMCA last year.”  I’m certain that with teammates such as him, consistent practice, and learning more about the game Connor will continue to improve his soccer skills.

The poor kid has been completely attacked by pollen this week.  I was concerned about how he would hold up for an hour on the field.  But he hung in there.  In fact he was awarded the sportsmanship sticker after the game for staying in the game even though he was coughing a bit and was tired.  Proud mama moment.


The final score was 2-2.  The other team scored their second point at the very end.  However I don’t think the kids really cared.  C never asked who won.  He really had the. best. time. 

Go Bulls!


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