An Overnight Getaway






We had never heard of Unicoi State Park before but when Living Social offered a great deal for a room at the lodge we did our research and booked a trip!  Unicoi State Park is minutes away from Helen, GA.  I had heard good things about Helen but had never been, this seemed like a good chance to go check it out.  Plus, our little family needed a little getaway – just the four of us – no matter how brief.

We were hoping for sunnier weather but the temperatures were mild and stayed dry enough for us to get in one short hike.  When it did start to rain the trees provided enough cover to keep us from getting too wet.  Hiking is becoming one of our favorite things to do.  Our family is very new to hiking.  We did a couple short ones in WA last August.  This was our first one since then.  We hope to make it a regular family activity.  We hiked the Frog Pond Nature Trail.  It is the shortest and easiest trail at Unicoi.  Our original trail option was a 2 hour hike.  It’s an easy hike and one the boys would have no problem doing but due to the threat of rain we chose the shorter option.  Glad we did or else we would’ve been caught in the rain for sure!  Connor loved to stop and look at plants and suspicious animal homes.  Graham was all about the trail’s posted signs which told all about the area wildlife and plants.

We had pizza for dinner at a small tavern and pizzeria in Helen.  Back at the lodge we snacked on twizzlers, put together a puzzle, read some, and then piled in bed together to watch Despicable Me.  It was simple and relaxed.

The next day we browsed the little town of Helen.  Our time there included brunch, coffee, a wooden toy store, and miniature golf!





Mini golf proved to be quite entertaining!  C & G each had their own “styles”.  We learned early on in the game that we had to hold Graham’s ball in between turns.  But when it was his turn, he was focused.  Most holes it took him many tries before getting the ball in the hole but he did manage, with Derek’s help, to get a hole in one!  Derek won, which was to be expected.  I came in a “close” second and the boys managed to tie in third place.   Connor and Graham both agreed that mini golf was “really cool!”.  It was worth every penny.

Our trip lasted a little over 24 hours but it was perfect.  Thankful for a good deal on Living Social, a few days off for Derek, and my little family to enjoy it all with.


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