Kindergarten: Done?!

We have completed – formally at least – our first year of homeschooling.

This year has definitely been our “guinea pig year”.  Our first school year has gone smoothly.  At least for the most part.  We have certainly had our rough patches.  But the year went well enough for us to homeschool next year with anticipation.  For our first year we joined a Classical Conversations Community.  This was a financially costly choice but it proved to be what our family needed this first year.  Connor was in a class full of boys!  There was never a dull moment in those 3 hours.  We used the CC curriculum as our spine.  We supplemented phonics and math.  The way we started doing school in September is not the way we ended the school year doing school.  Much of homeschooling for me as been trial and error.  Honestly, I began the year not really knowing what I was doing.  I’m learning along the way.  I still don’t have it all figured out, far from it, but I’ve learned some things this past year that I know will help us out  next year as we venture into 1st grade and pre-K.

We wrapped up our year this past week at CC.  As CC came to a close our “formal” schooling did too.  Meaning we’re continuing with some math, our phonics program, and lots of reading but not following a set curriculum {other than phonics}.  This past week we had our Closing Program for CC.



He marched right onto the stage and squinted his eyes at the bright lights.  Connor was so proud of himself!  Graham cheered him on from the audience wishing he too could go on stage.  He never attempted to, but I was certain he would.

Each class had an art project on display.  Connor’s class’ art displayed was egg yolk and chalk paintings.  {Who knew you could paint with egg yolk?!}  He was proud of that too.


And he should be.  He worked hard this past year.  He’s learned and grown a whole lot!  I’m proud of all that he’s accomplished.  I wasn’t sure how homeschooling would go for us but it seems to be working.  I’m so thankful for that.  It has truly been a blessing to act as mom and teacher.  Looking forward with anticipation, and apprehension, to next year.


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