You Might be a Homeschool Mom if…

Derek and I attended our first Homeschool Convention this weekend.  We went to the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Spartanburg.  The decision to go was kind of last minute but we’re so thankful we chose to go.  Rather than staying there everyday, all day, we picked a handful of sessions we wanted to attend and went at those times.  None of the sessions we chose were school topics.  Not one.  The majority of the sessions we attended were about parenting which naturally spills over into our schooling.  We were drenched by the Gospel through Jessica Thompson {co-author of Give Them Grace} and R.C. Sproul Jr.  The boys joined us for our last session which was taught by Ken Ham.  We learned all about dinosaurs, which just happen to be one of our favorite things around here!  The weekend was refreshingly busy.  We perused isle after isle of curriculum and books and thankfully refrained from spending hundreds of dollars.

Right now my life includes lesson planning & preparing, curriculum research, and lots of reading and phonics.  When I’m out shopping I’m constantly looking out for books, maps, or anything that will fit into next year’s curriculum.  And I’m way more excited about it than I think I should!  Right now as I’m planning for next year I find myself speaking “school-ese” more often than I mean to.  I was talking with a friend over the phone Friday night about nothing school related.  In fact, we were having a serious conversation about church and life.  I was rambling on about something and said “…teaching vowels.”  Wait.  Not vowels, values.  My sweet friend, who is a homeschool graduate, replied, “You might be a homeschool mom if…” .  {We laughed both knowing there are one hundred other ways to end this sentence.}

There was a time when I used the word “never” in the same sentence as “homeschool”.  I never imagined I’d be a Homeschool Mom.  Oh, how the the Lord has changed my heart!  At this point in our lives I can’t imagine not homeschooling.  But I have to fight in my love for homeschooling.  Fight against the sin of self-righteousness.  Fight against the sin of allowing Homeschool Mom to become my identity rather than Child of God.  I have to fight against investing more time in school itself than the boys I’m schooling.  And I have to fight against bitterness in those times when I just need a break!

God led our family to homeschool not just for our boys but for this mother’s heart as well.



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