Well,  Hello There!


{Photo Credit: Tonie Christine Photography}

I’m Danielle and I am so humbled that you have taken the time to take a peek

into my little world.  I am a wife to one and a mom of two.  I homeschool my boys, try to eat exclusively natural & organically, read constantly, and desire to pour into women’s lives through friendship and counsel.  However, none of these titles define who I am.  As one of my favorite pastors/teachers, Mark Driscoll would say, these things explain me but they do not define me.  My identity is in Christ.  Much of what I write about is centered around what this looks like lived out.  How do I apply the gospel to my everyday life?  What does it look like for a mom of two active boys to live out the gospel?  The Lord is ever teaching me.

Meet the Family!

I met my husband in the Fall of 2003.  We met at, what at the time, was a small Baptist college right smack dab in the middle of Tigerville, South Carolina.  Oh yeah!  Big city life!  We were dating six months after we met, engaged eight months after we began dating, and said ‘I do’ nine months later.  Some called us crazy for marrying at 19 & 21, the summer prior to my junior year of college.  Looking back I’d agree but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  If we had done it differently we wouldn’t be where we are today.  We wouldn’t have learned and grown how we have.

My husband, Derek, is my very best friend.  He’s passionate about Jesus, loves me selflessly, and is a fantastic dad to our boys.  He’s a handyman but not just any handyman.  He’s got talent!  I hire him to make all my furniture.  He’s a Northern transplant.  He proudly cheers on the Michigan Wolverines and loves a good winter.

DSC_3871 - Version 2

{Photo Credit: Tonie Christine Photography}

Connor & Graham are the little men in my life.  They are blessings from the Lord!  Connor was given to us in June 2007.  Graham came June 2009.  They love everything Lego, Star Wars, Superhero, and fighting.  They are all out boys!  A common theme at our house is “good guy, bad guy”.  These brothers are becoming good friends who play great together {most of the time} but they are so different.  Connor is more reserved and Type A.  Graham is outgoing and wide open.  Never a dull moment here.

What to Expect

The majority of my life has been spent trying to have it all together.  I checked off my list and followed all the rules.  My unspoken motto was “Put a smile on, and claim everything is good.”  It wasn’t.  I had a struggling marriage, unmet expectations, sin in my heart, hurt that was never dealt with, and a lack of community that was drowning me.  But everything was “good”. {Insert smile.}  No more.  No more pretending.  So don’t expect a put together blog.  I’m not a perfect wife.  I’m not a perfect mom.  I don’t want to pretend to be.  I mess up every single day.  But God’s grace is sufficient.  His mercies are new every morning.  Great is HIS faithfulness.


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